COP28: Fossil fuel interests have hundreds of employees on hand at climate talks

At least 1,300 employees of organizations representing fossil fuel interests registered to attend this year’s United Nations climate talks in Dubai, more than three times the number found in an Associated Press analysis of last year’s talks, as new rules took effect requiring attendees to disclose their employment. Aside from the new disclosure rules, the … Read more

News on Russia and the war in Ukraine for Dec 4, 2023

13 Hours Ago Debates on Ukraine’s EU membership to start Tuesday Envoys of the European Union’s member countries are set to start debating a proposal to begin membership talks with Ukraine on Tuesday, Reuters reported, citing officials and diplomats. The discussions are part of the preparations for the European Council meeting on Dec. 14-15, when … Read more

Brain implants revive cognitive abilities long after traumatic brain injury in clinical trial

This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s credibility: fact-checked peer-reviewed publication trusted source proofread Ok! Credit: CC0 Public Domain × close Credit: CC0 Public Domain In 2001, Gina Arata was in her final semester of college, planning to apply to … Read more

Experts reveal the chaos that unfolds inside the body when you go just one night without sleep

By Alexa Lardieri U.S. Deputy Health Editor Dailymail.Com 19:03 03 Dec 2023, updated 15:32 04 Dec 2023 Anyone who has ever gone without a good night’s sleep will remember the struggles they experienced the next day. You feel confused, delirious, emotional and are barely able to function. On occasion, side-effects of poor sleep can be … Read more

Do McDonald’s French Fries Contain a ‘Cigarette Ingredient’ Called ‘Acrilane’?

Since at least August 2023, Facebook users have shared a warning about the purported dangers of McDonald’s french fries containing “acrilane,” which was described as “the most carcinogenic ingredient in cigarettes.” That warning – which was shared both as copied-and-pasted text and in image form – also mentioned a pesticide that, when sprayed on potatoes … Read more