22 Things to Buy Before New Tariffs Kick In

22 Things to Buy Before New Tariffs Kick In

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Your budget might feel the impact of the next round of tariffs sooner and more keenly than with previous tariffs.

President Donald Trump recently announced that the U.S. plans to levy an additional 10% tax on $300 billion worth of goods imported from China. But unlike previous tariffs, which focused on goods that are parts for the manufacture of other things, the new batch of tariffs falls heavily on finished goods, according to CNN.

This new round of tariffs will kick in on Sept. 1, Trump said. So, while some companies may still successfully plead for exemptions, many household items and holiday gift favorites stand to be hit with new ongoing taxes next month.

Since those additional costs could be passed on to consumers, now is the time to stock up on anything you need that may face fresh tariffs. Here is a look at some of the things that may soon increase in price.

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