35 Facts That Are Common Knowledge In These People’s Fields But Are Not Known To The Wider Audience

Did you know that crows hold what essentially are funerals? Yeah, hundreds of them flock to the location, but avoid the body and don’t scavenge it. It’s thought that this may be a kind of survival strategy, to make sure that they avoid potential threats even if food is plentiful where the crow’s body was found.

That’s probably something ornithologists (bird scientists) know. Turns out there are a lot of facts only specialists know! Let’s take a look at some of them as shared by Redditors.

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Movie Horses Deserve Better In movies they unnecessarily yank on horses’ reins, practically ripping their mouths out. Anytime you see their mouths open with the bit pulled way back in there, they’re not having fun and it’s for no reason other than maybe drama and the trainers are s****y for letting that happen.

Mellopiex , Helena Lopes Report

Give Truckers Some Breathing Room, Unless... Trucker here and we don’t want to be anywhere near you either.

Go around or stay back don’t just ride right beside us. We can’t see you very well when you are beside us and if s**t happens you’re gonna go splat.

It is very very very rare that any driver wants to slow you down it’s not like we get our rocks off on making you late. We work extremely long hours on very little sleep and we just wanna get where we are going without getting in an accident and killing someone.

Trust me if we could go faster we damn sure would.

Also if you give us the fist pump to honk our horn you just made our whole week. That’s one of the greatest joys in a truckers life.

Be safe out there!!

Edit: A reoccurring comment is that most of you get it and are very cool but you hate when a truck driver hops in the hammer lane when you’re trying to pass them at a reasonable speed. I’m with you on that and Im here to tell you most truck drivers are not a******s like that and the real truckers hate the ones that are. Every profession has a group of a******s that ruin it for the good ones.

Edit Edit: This has gotten an unexpectedly high response and I really appreciate all of you joining in the conversation. If we would all just communicate like this more often we could solve a lot of problems in this world.

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Always Keep 2 Exits In Mind People almost always try to exit through the same door they entered. In a crowded venue ALWAYS take a second to find your exit and then find a second exit. Mark them in your brain just in case. In an emergency most of the crowd is going to go for the main door they came in through. Knowing where another exit is can save your life.

Spiritual_Worth , Marie Lemaistre Report

It’s not the CIA or the government that’s tracking your every move. It’s marketing agencies.

monkelus Report

People Are Emotional Creatures People make most decisions based on emotion, then rummage around for logic to back up what they’ve already decided

Reslibell , Pixabay Report

You need to finish the entire course of the antibiotics you were prescribed. You don’t suddenly stop taking them after you start feeling better.

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The ER is there to keep you from having a catastrophic outcome in the next few hours/days (or next few minutes, in some cases.) If nothing irreversible is going to happen for several days, they don’t really care what the problem is.

TreasureTheSemicolon Report

Trees Don't Have Magic Regeneration Powers, Actually Trees do not heal through regeneration like people think they do.

They quite literally just grow over it. The tree can close the wound off in a way not really visible to us but it will never grow back that same tissue in the same way like we would when we cut ourselves.

It would be like growing a second layer of skin over a cut and never really healing the cut. Your body would make it stop bleeding but you’d alway be able to see your cut if you peel the layers of skin that grew over top.

Trees are like onions, just like Ogres! They have layers.

I always think of a jaw breaker when I work with trees.

Did anyone get my Shrek reference? I should go to bed now.

MajikMahn , Sash Bo Report

High-End Neighborhoods Are Often Built With Low-End Quality Those “high end” or “expensive” neighborhoods they slap up really fast… Usually, gated communities and other semi-exclusive suburbs full of McMansions are built with the absolute cheapest materials and poorest quality/ untrained labor.

Never buy a “spec” home without some serious research into what you’re actually buying. All that “luxury” is barely surface deep.

revs201 , Pixabay Report

Main Character Animals In Documentaries Are Played By Several "Actors" In any given nature documentary, the protagonist animal you’re rooting for is ‘played’ by several different ‘actors’ – i.e. that one brown bear’s story is patched together from footage of a bunch of different bears. And in about 90% of the ‘animal reacting’ shots they’re reacting to the camera crew. Nature documentaries are heavily constructed.

BootsyRootsy , Jeffry Surianto Report

Lying Is Just A Part Of A Police Officer's Toolkit Police can lie to you, including about whether or not they’re police.

ETA – In the US. (I’ve offended the Europeans by forgetting they exist. 🇺🇸😎)

spozmo , Brett Sayles Report

Archaeologists Care More About The Where, Rather Than The What In Archaeology, it’s super awesome and great that you brought stuff to an archaeologist at a local dig site near you of things you found in your backyard or nearby asking us appraise it – but the thing is, we’re actually more interested in the context the item(s) are found. We need/want to see the bigger picture. Arrowheads, flintknaps, trade beads, etc are super cool but they are worth so much more when we can tell if they are part of a hoard, burials site, ceremonial site, etc.

Sandoriah , Abdullah Ghatasheh Report

Shock Old Veggies In Ice Water If you have sad vegetables(carrots celery)or lettuce that look wilted not bad you can make them crunchy by shocking in ice water.

weezypins , Elina Sazonova Report

UTIs May Have Some Surprising Symptoms UTIs will often cause confusion in people over 70.

UTI is Urinary Tract Infection and some people can get confused to the point of hallucinations and delirium. It can cause increased weakness which also leads to falls.

silly-billy-goat , Markus Spiske Report

When you go out to clubs or any place with some sort of “strip” (aka Broadway in nashville) the volume is 11 times out of ten too loud. I work at barstool occasionally as AV and at night it’s gotten up to 110-115 DB. For reference, the threshold of pain is 120 db. Wear hearing protection people. You can’t get that s**t back.

tommyshitstain Report

If a website is slow there’s a big change it’s not because the developers did a bad job but because marketing insisted on putting dozens of trackers and ads on it.

Husky Report

Before You Attack A Manufacturer, Make Sure You Know That Transparent Isn't The Same As Transclucent I work in acrylic sheet.

The number of people who do not understand what translucent means is astounding.

Translucent =/= Transparent. Translucent is SOLID color that allows light transmission- it glows. Transparent is just that..transparent.

We have customers call us All. The. Time. Telling us we filled an order wrong, that they received “a solid color and ordered translucent red”.

**EDIT: thanks for all the upvotes and thoughts!

For clarification, majority of these customers order online either through our website or Etsy. Both sites have dozens of pictures and videos explaining and showing the differences!

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When Elevators Fail, They Go Up An elevator will go up to the top of the hoist instead of crash to the floor in most catastrophic failures due to the counter weights.

nuxshktr , Michael Morse Report

Just Because You May Have Had Bedbugs, Doesn't Mean You're An Awful Person Bed bugs don’t make you a nasty person with a nasty home. An infestation isn’t due to a sanitation issue. They’re an imported pest, which means they hitched a ride on something you brought into the house. Usually luggage or furniture

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We have cameras that can see what is in your trash as we dump it. Some companies even take snap shots of every can’s contents to catch hazmat items. They bill the city, with the address it came from, and the city could follow up with the homeowner for reimbursement if they choose.

How crappy, in general, people are at making sure they are recycling the right items and properly cleaning some of their items before putting them in the recycling bin.

We remember the houses with issues, people that try to double dump, overfill, and dump hazmat. We watch for those offenders specifically.

We will pull out cans for handicapped people, dump them, and put them back. You have to call and have that setup though.

The garbage man knows whats going on in your neighborhood, almost as well as the mailman.

ooglieguy0211 Report

There Is No Less Grim Way To Calculate The Damage Of Severe Burns Generally speaking, if you add the percentage of the body covered in 3rd degree burns and the persons age together you get the likelihood of it being a fatal burn.

32 and 40% burn coverage? about 70% of people in that condition will die.

Source: Firey, working closely with several doctors from burns units.

Edit: I love the 100 year old people comments and the people with 0% burns but in thier 30s lamenting the 40% death chance.

CompletelyFlammable , Jens Mahnke Report

Cement? Nope, That's Concrete, Baby! Cement and concrete are not the same thing. Cement is the main ingredient in concrete, but concrete is the whole mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, water, etc.

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If There's So Much Oxygen In Rocks, Why Don't They Float? Volumetricly, most rocks are made of mostly oxygen. Most of the entire Earth (crust and mantle) is also nearly half oxygen (by mass).

If you’ve ever read “OxYgeN DisCoVeReD on mOOn!” … It’s rocks. It means they’ve discovered rocks.

DrScienceDaddy , Pixabay Report

Explosives Are Shy, So They Need Another, Smaller Explosive To Go Off With Them Powerful explosives are so insensitive to shock that it usually takes a smaller, more sensitive explosive to set them off.

TheFirstCrew , Dương Nhân Report

A "Fractured" Bone Is As Good As A "Broken" Bone There is no “fractured” vs “broken” there are only different types of fractures. It’s really a semantic problem but patients get heated about it.

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Urban Heat Is Worse Than Bushfires, At Least For People Urban heat kills way more people in Australia than bushfires. In the 2009 Black Saturday bishfires in Victoria, 173 people died in the fires, but over 300 died of the heat prior to that.

Also, most of those deaths occur at night, not during th day.

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Your mailman knows a lot about you. More than you think.

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