Here are the pros and cons of evening workouts

Comment on this storyComment Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with any advertisers on this site. Getting adequate sleep is one of the best things you can do to maintain and improve your health. The same applies to regular exercise. Doing enough of both lowers risks for a number of diseases, boosts cardiovascular and mental … Read more

NC hospitals brace for a back-to-school Covid surge

School administrators and medical professionals are bracing for a continued surge in Covid-19 cases, compounded in part by North Carolina public school students’ return for the start of the state’s traditional school year. Covid cases have been rising in the state. And school districts in other states, including Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas, have already canceled … Read more

Pope Francis warns against ideologies in Church and world

In his conversation with journalists on the flight back from Mongolia, Pope Francis addresses various topics, including the upcoming Synod General Assembly, and reiterates that his recent remarks to young Russian Catholics was an invitation for them not to forget their cultural heritage. By Vatican News Pope Francis held his traditional inflight press conference on … Read more

New research on the deep history of the practice.

I remember the first time I read the words of the Frenchman Charles Arthaud: “Inoculation, which will surely surprise you, is known and practiced amongst the Negres in some parts of Africa.” By the time I read his pamphlet on smallpox inoculation, published in 1774, I was well beyond surprise. I knew, as many historians … Read more

Under the bombs in the Kupiansk bastion: Russia unleashes artillery while amassing infantry | International

Soldiers, local government employees and the occasional resident appear intermittently in the central square of Kupiansk to watch the fire of war. From this elevated position, in a city that is a military stronghold of the Kharkiv province in eastern Ukraine, a landscape is visible from which plumes of smoke rise every few minutes. The … Read more

Marijuana is behind 3 in 10 schizophrenia cases, can be a death sentence in pregnant users, but Biden STILL wants to ease restrictions on the drug

By Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com Updated: 17:30 04 Sep 2023 More than 40million adults use marijuana, more than double 10 years ago  Long-term effects of recent legalizations are just now becoming known READ MORE: Chronic cannabis use raises major depression, bipolar risks A nationwide social experiment launched by a wave of marijuana legalizations … Read more

Does the Mediterranean diet meet nutritional requirements during pregnancy?

In a recent article published in the Frontiers in Public Health Journal, researchers evaluated whether adopting a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet), during pregnancy could meet the unique macro- and micronutrient requirements of pregnancy. Study: Diet quality and nutrient density in pregnant women according to adherence to Mediterranean diet. Image Credit: AntoninaVlasova/ Background Diet usually … Read more

Perseverance and Adaptation: Ukraine’s Counteroffensive at Three Months

On June 4, Ukraine launched its long-awaited offensive. The operation has proven to be a test of Ukrainian determination and adaptation. Despite stiff resistance, Ukrainian forces have made steady gains in a set-piece battle against a heavily entrenched force. Ukraine’s main effort is a push from Orikhiv, with the goal of driving south past Tokmak … Read more