Biden demands $100 billion for wars in Ukraine, Israel and planned conflict with Iran and China

US President Joe Biden’s speech Thursday night on national television was a demand for vast new military spending to expand the ongoing US-NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and pour billions more into Israel’s aggression against Gaza and suppression of the Palestinian people.

President Joe Biden speaks from the Oval Office of the White House Thursday, October 19, 2023, in Washington, about the war in Israel and Ukraine. [AP Photo/Jonathan Ernst]

Biden’s speech was not a serious attempt to convince anyone or rationally explain US foreign policy. It consisted of a series of non sequiturs strung one after the other, with no coherent argument binding them together. Biden drew a parallel between Hamas and Russian President Vladimir Putin that, objectively, did not make the slightest sense.

But as he spoke, it became clear that the main aim of the speech was to utilize the war in Gaza to procure a massive spending bill for the war in Ukraine to prop up the Zelensky government following the failure of its summer offensive.

Indeed, the New York Times has reported that $60 billion of the $100 billion spending bill Biden proposed in the speech will go to fight the war in Ukraine against Russia. This figure is more than twice Biden’s initial request of $24 billion in August. Some $14 billion will go to Israel.

Despite its rambling and incoherent nature, the main import of the speech is clear: America is hurtling towards global war, and the president of the United States, the so-called “commander-in-chief,” is demanding $100 billion in additional funds, on top of the $1 trillion already proposed for all military spending, to finance this explosion of military aggression.

Unmentioned in the speech, but widely reported in advance of Friday’s formal request to Congress, is the fact that Biden will also seek billions more in US military aid to Taiwan—an effort to provoke further conflict with China—and to militarize the US-Mexico border and intensify US intervention throughout Latin America.

Aware of the deepening opposition to the US war in Ukraine, now ending its 18th month, and apparently mired in an endless, costly and bloody stalemate, Biden sought to boot-strap the conflict in Israel to justify further spending in Ukraine, which will get the lion’s share of whatever military aid bill ultimately emerges from Congress.

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