Long Covid needs a new name — and a new frame

Long Covid goes by many names. Today, it is no longer a new public health enigma, but the outlook for sufferers is no better than when the condition was first recognized in early 2020. Although its prevalence has recently decreased to 6% of the U.S. adult population, there has been no significant progress in understanding its causes, … Read more

Breakthrough Prize – Breakthrough Prize Announces 2024 Laureates In Life Sciences, Fundamental Physics, And Mathematics

“Oscars of Science” Awards $3 Million Prizes for Advances against Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Parkinson’s Disease; Deep Insights into Quantum Field Theory and Differential Geometry. Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Awarded to Carl June and Michel Sadelain; Sabine Hadida, Paul Negulescu and Fredrick Van Goor; Thomas Gasser, Ellen Sidransky and Andrew Singleton. Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental … Read more

6 Anxiety-Inducing Behaviors To Avoid

Anxiety is a very normal but a very unwelcome feeling. Most of us would choose not to experience it if we could. In some ways, it’s like a smoke alarm, said Natasha Reynolds, a psychotherapist at Bloom Psychology & Wellness in Toronto. That smoke detector alerts you to actual danger and allows you to get … Read more

The best temperature for sleep

Comment on this storyComment Older adults sleep best when their bedroom temperatures are between 70 and 74 degrees and poorly when temperatures are in the 80s, although there can be significant variations among individuals, new research shows. “We found that the real peak of the sleep — where it is most restful — is within … Read more

What It Is and How It Impacts Your Health

In our journey to optimal health, numbers often play a pivotal role. We count calories, measure weight, and track steps. However, a number is gradually gaining prominence in health circles, and it might reshape how we understand our body’s well-being: metabolic age.  Unlike our chronological age, which counts the years we’ve been alive, our metabolic … Read more

Deep residual-dense network based on bidirectional recurrent neural network for atrial fibrillation detection

Evaluation index The AF detection algorithm in this paper is a binary task. 0 represents non-AF sample and 1 represents AF samples. Therefore, in this paper, the binary evaluation method will be used to evaluate the results, which will be used as the standard for selecting the hyperparameters of the network model and comparing with … Read more