Ozempic and Other New Weight-Loss Drugs: A Complete Guide

Africa Studio/Adobe Stock, Michael Siluk/Alamy Stock Photo In the inner circles of obesity specialists, they call it the Hunger Games. Every day, the drama of Wegovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro plays out on the cultural arena—the stunning weight-loss results, the equally stunning price tags, the divide of patients who can get them versus those who can’t … Read more

Pioneering Safe RSV Vaccines for Infants, Children

Each year, up to 100,0001 children worldwide lose their lives due to complications of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Although vaccines have the power to prevent serious infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, the odyssey of developing a safe and effective RSV vaccine for vulnerable populations, especially children, has been marred by discouraging clinical failures. Image Credit: MargJohnsonVA … Read more

mRNA vaccine quality analysis using RNA sequencing

Design and synthesis of reference plasmid A reference construct was first designed, with the intention of optimising the production of RNA therapeutics for pre-clinical research. The coding sequence of eGFP30 was selected as a reporter in the coding region, as its protein product can be assayed simply through Flow cytometry and other fluorometric methods. Transcription … Read more

What can we do about ultraprocessed foods?

Researchers are figuring out the features of these foods that harm our health — and proposing ways ahead From breakfast cereals and protein bars to flavored yogurt and frozen pizzas, ultraprocessed foods are everywhere, filling aisle upon aisle at the supermarket. Fully 58 percent of the calories consumed by adults and 67 percent of those … Read more

High blood pressure a concern worldwide, leading to death, stroke, heart attack: How to stop a ‘silent killer’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just published its first report on the global impact of hypertension and how people can win the race against this “silent killer” that often presents without symptoms.  “This important report from WHO shows how high blood pressure is common and growing in prevalence, but is under-detected and under-treated globally,” … Read more

Some NYC pharmacies are trying to charge for free COVID vaccines, canceling appointments

Many New Yorkers began hunting down the updated COVID-19 vaccine, tailored to this year’s dominant variant of the coronavirus, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed off on the shot last week. But while some have had no trouble, other New Yorkers have faced last-minute appointment cancellations … Read more