The 8 Healthiest Nuts You Can Eat, According to Science

When the snack cravings strike, finding something that is both delicious and filling at the same time can be tricky. That is exactly why nuts are one of the best snack options around, offering everything from great taste to versatility (snack on them whole or blended into a butter!) to promoting satiety. As great sources … Read more

7 ways drinking alcohol wreaks havoc on your gut health

Health By Melissa Rudy, Fox News Published Nov. 30, 2023, 3:57 p.m. ET Heading into the party season, partaking of too many holiday spirits can leave you with an unwelcome hangover — and can also wreak havoc on your gut health. “In addition to being a significant contributor to weight gain due to high-calorie density, alcohol can … Read more

RNA’s Pivotal Role in Fear Memory and PTSD Treatment

Summary: Researchers have revealed a groundbreaking role of RNA in fear-related learning and memory. Their study shows how noncoding RNA Gas5 influences neuronal excitability, impacting learning and memory processes. Another study identified m6A-modified RNAs that regulate synaptic plasticity, crucial for fear extinction memory, a key factor in PTSD. These findings offer new insights into RNA’s … Read more

Lactobacillus Bacteria May Guard Against Anxiety and Depression

Summary: Researchers have discovered the significant role of Lactobacillus, a bacterium in fermented foods and yogurt, in managing stress and potentially preventing depression and anxiety. This research is crucial for its specific focus on Lactobacillus, distinguishing it from other microbiota. The study found that Lactobacillus maintains interferon gamma levels, crucial for stress response and mental … Read more

Diabetes Is The Most Expensive Chronic Condition In America With Healthcare Costs Continuing To Rise, Making Addressing Its Root Causes Even More Important – Better Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BTTX)

Options 101: Ready to Shift 2023 Into High Gear Ahead of 2024? In a market primed for success with halted rate hikes, slowing inflation, and bullish outlook from big banks, Options Starter is your key to capitalizing on these opportunities. Unlock market-winning strategies now with Options Starter. Grab your 90% discount here. A study conducted … Read more

Resurrecting ancestral antibiotics: unveiling the origins of modern lipid II targeting glycopeptides

Computational techniques Ancestral sequence reconstruction of glycopeptide antibiotic (GPA) DNA Sequences from all GPA BGCs available by May 2018 (from full genomes and the chloroeremomycin plasmid sequences, see Supplementary Table S1 for strains and accession numbers) were used for the ancestral sequence reconstruction. GPA BGCs were identified using antiSMASH 441. While the actual sequence reconstruction was … Read more

A pivotal study highlights unique emotional challenges

Recent research has found that young individuals with autism not only experience heightened daily stress but also tend to employ less effective emotional regulation strategies compared to their non-autistic peers. This study, published in the journal Autism, provides a deeper understanding of the daily emotional landscape faced by those with autism. Earlier studies have consistently … Read more

Enhanced TMS Shows Promise as Depression Treatment

Summary: Researchers have modified transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), significantly improving its effectiveness in treating hard-to-treat depression. In a recent study, this novel TMS protocol achieved a 66% response rate and 42% acute remission in patients with major depressive disorder, surpassing the standard FDA-approved protocol’s 29% response rate. The new approach combines traditional left-brain stimulation with … Read more