Iran on alert ahead of Mahsa Amini’s death anniversary

Middle East countries respond to Morocco earthquake, Libya flooding with aid and solidarity NAIROBI/LONDON: North Africa suffered two disasters in three days when a devastating earthquake struck Morocco on Friday, followed by catastrophic flooding in Libya on Sunday, leaving thousands dead and many more missing, sparking a global aid response. On Friday night, a powerful … Read more

What It Is and How It Impacts Your Health

In our journey to optimal health, numbers often play a pivotal role. We count calories, measure weight, and track steps. However, a number is gradually gaining prominence in health circles, and it might reshape how we understand our body’s well-being: metabolic age.  Unlike our chronological age, which counts the years we’ve been alive, our metabolic … Read more

Deep residual-dense network based on bidirectional recurrent neural network for atrial fibrillation detection

Evaluation index The AF detection algorithm in this paper is a binary task. 0 represents non-AF sample and 1 represents AF samples. Therefore, in this paper, the binary evaluation method will be used to evaluate the results, which will be used as the standard for selecting the hyperparameters of the network model and comparing with … Read more

3 Ways to Force More Chest Muscle Growth – BOXROX

The pursuit of a chiseled, impressive chest is a common goal among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike. This fascination with sculpting a bigger chest often leads individuals on a journey of self-improvement and physical transformation. In this article, we will explore three essential strategies to help you achieve substantial chest muscle growth and break through … Read more

Red and Blue Light Therapy At Home: A Complete Guide

It’s no secret that once we hit 40, our skin starts going through some pretty rough changes. Those pesky crow’s feet around our eyes seem to appear out of nowhere, once-cute freckles are now joined by larger, unflattering age spots, and suddenly we have frown lines, smile lines and lip lines! Argh. Sure, there are … Read more

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Remarks to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) “The Power and Purpose of American Diplomacy in a New Era”

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Thank you.  Good morning, everyone. AUDIENCE:  Good morning. SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Dean Steinberg, Jim, thank you for the honor of joining the SAIS community to help inaugurate this truly magnificent new home. Jim has contributed so much over his remarkable career, but his most lasting contribution is the generation of thinkers, the generation of … Read more