Putin’s Next Elections Scheme to Solidify Power on Stolen Ukraine Land

Russian authorities announced this week that early voting has started for local elections in occupied areas of Ukraine, in an effort to further solidify the Kremlin’s grip on power in territories it has invaded. The elections are just the latest attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin at legitimizing his country’s occupation of the territories. And … Read more

South Korean teachers stage mass protest and walk-out after death highlights immense pressures

Seoul, South Korea CNN  —  Hundreds of thousands of teachers are protesting in South Korea after the suspected suicide of a teacher that was widely blamed on the burden on educators in a country notorious for its high-pressure education system. Angry teachers say they face overly harsh demands and even harassment from aggrieved parents, and … Read more

Grow Faster – New Vaccine Shows “Very Promising” Results

A new study reveals that a vaccine developed to prevent bacteria-caused diarrhea not only effectively combats Campylobacter infections but also significantly promotes faster growth in infant nonhuman primates. The HydroVax technology, also in use for other diseases, has shown promise in reducing diarrhea-associated deaths and could offer new avenues for combating infant growth stunting. New … Read more

Prigozhin’s death latest in a series of unsolved murders in Putin’s Russia. What’s next?

The death of an opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not something new in history. More than 20 critics and opponents of Putin have been murdered or died in suspicious circumstances since 2000. However, the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group and once a confidant of Putin, is seen … Read more