Identification of direct connections between the dura and the brain

Louveau, A. et al. Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels. Nature 523, 337–341 (2015). Article  CAS  PubMed  PubMed Central  Google Scholar  Rustenhoven, J. et al. Functional characterization of the dural sinuses as a neuroimmune interface. Cell 184, 1000–1016 (2021). Article  CAS  PubMed  PubMed Central  Google Scholar  Mastorakos, P. & McGavern, D. … Read more

Middle East crisis live: Israel bombs overcrowded Rafah as UN warns of ‘humanitarian nightmare’ | Middle East and north Africa

Israeli forces intensify strikes on Rafah in southern Gaza, as UN say it will ‘increase humanitarian nightmare’ Israeli forces bombed areas in the southern border city of Rafah where more than half of Gaza’s population is sheltering on Thursday, a day after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a proposal to end the war, reports Reuters. … Read more

Russian Election Authority Rejects Pro-Peace Hopeful Nadezhdin’s Presidential Bid

Russian election authorities on Thursday disqualified pro-peace presidential hopeful Boris Nadezhdin from the March election over alleged errors in his endorsement signatures. The veteran politician’s campaign has presented a rare challenge to a tightly controlled election in which President Vladimir Putin is likely to win a fifth term, with thousands of Russians lining up to … Read more

The alarming link between sleep irregularity and dementia risk

Researchers have uncovered a surprising link between sleep regularity and the risk of developing dementia. Their findings, published in Neurology, suggest that both very irregular and, to a lesser extent, overly consistent sleep patterns are associated with an increased risk of dementia. Dementia: A Growing Public Health Concern Dementia is a term that encompasses a … Read more

Families who survived Hamas massacre at Be’eri have refused to go back… I don’t blame them. I have now seen, heard and even smelled the horror of what is left behind in their homes

By Perkin Amalaraj In Israel 08:46 08 Feb 2024, updated 08:53 08 Feb 2024 Share or comment on this article: The acrid stench of months-old ash remains embedded within the burnt-out structure that was once home to a long-dead family in Kibbutz Be’eri, the site of one of the deadliest massacres committed by Hamas against … Read more

Do we simply not care about older adults in the US?

KFF Health News  —  The Covid-19 pandemic would be a wake-up call for America, advocates for the elderly predicted: incontrovertible proof that the nation wasn’t doing enough to care for vulnerable older adults. The death toll was shocking, as were reports of chaos in nursing homes and seniors suffering from isolation, depression, untreated illness, and … Read more

Crackdown slashed homicide rates and brought security… but families say innocent people are being rounded up, dumped in mega-prison and even tortured

In less than two years, 76,000 people have been arrested under President Nayib Bukele’s crackdown Of those, more than 12,000 have been thrown into El Salvador’s CECOT ‘mega’ prison Over the last two years, authorities in El Salvador set to work rounding up tens of thousands of suspected members of the country’s most feared gangs. The … Read more