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Social Media Jokes About GSA Director Blocking Biden Transition for Tweeting Gibberish

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On Wednesday evening, Twitter users began poking fun at a tweet of pure gibberish posted by Emily Murphy, the Chief of the General Services Administration (GSA) who has blocked President-elect Joe Biden‘s access to federal transition resources.

Murphy’s tweet read, “Dcccf Rex zzz. @#z@smaan anaNN”. It has since been deleted. Otherwise, she hasn’t posted a new tweet since November 6.

Murphy, who was nominated to her position by President Donald Trump, has gained notoriety following the 2020 presidential election for refusing to approve documentation acknowledging Biden’s victory that would give his presidential transition team millions in federal funds and access to agency briefings.

Politico writer Alex Thompson wrote, “In her first tweet since the networks and AP called the election for Biden and she’s been under pressure to start the Biden transition, the first tweet from @GSAEmily is…..” and then posted an image of her gibberish tweet.

New York magazine contributor Yashir Ali joked of Murphy, “The GSA administrator has just handed the Biden transition the password to access transition resources.”

Josh Marshall, the founder of the website Talking Points Memo referenced an earlier incomprehensible tweet of President Donald Trump, by commenting, “i feel like this is maybe a coded signal in the covfefe language.”

On May 31, 2017, Trump published a tweet that read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. While Trump and his then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that the tweet was a deliberate message with a hidden meaning, it’s more widely believed the tweet was prematurely published, unfinished and had a typo.

Public Citizen, a progressive consumer rights advocacy group and think tank, wrote of her tweets, “It took @GSAEmily 20 minutes to delete this tweet. Why is it taking her weeks to acknowledge Biden’s victory and release transition resources?”

In response to Public Citizen’s tweet, Walter Shaub, former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, wrote, “Is she Q?”

His joke referenced the QAnon conspiracy theory movement whose believers think that an anonymous person using the alias “Q” drops hints about an international, cannibalistic child trafficking ring run by Democratic politicians, Hollywood elites and “deep state” federal government agents.

A Twitter user named Craig Harrington joked of her tweet, “Is it like a prerequisite to be an incompetent Trump supporter that you Tweet out a password at some point?”

A Twitter user named Eternal Posting of the Smoothest Mind wrote, “I hit ‘translate tweet’ and…” then posted an image of message written in The Black Speech form of Elvish from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

Another Twitter user named Stacy Ann tried to decode part of Murphy’s message, writing, “Dcccf: Donald Concedes Can Certify Funds That’s it! Let’s go!!!!

Other Twitter users simply joked that a cat had possibly wandered across her keyboard or that her tweet might have been a “butt tweet” accidentally entered by keeping her phone in her pants’ seat pocket, although all of these are pure conjecture.

Newsweek contacted the GSA for comment.

Emily Murphy GSA Biden transition twitter gibberish
Social media users have begun poking fun at a tweet by Emily Murphy, the Chief of the General Services Administration (GSA) who has blocked President-elect Joe Biden’s access to transition resources, after she published a message of pure gibberish on her Twitter account.
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