Monday, May 17, 2021
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Pharmacies score customer data in vaccine effort. Some are crying foul.

The stores’ online appointment portals usually don’t make explicit how the companies will use the information customers are providing. Privacy watchdog groups and some...

Sanders’ minimum-wage effort looks doomed as Covid bill hits roadblocks | US Congress

A fiery speech and last-ditch effort by Bernie Sanders to secure a place for a federal minimum wage hike in the $1.9tn coronavirus relief...

Effort to recall Governor Newsom gains steam amid COVID-19 frustration

Greetings! I'm Winston Gieseke, philanthropy and special sections editor for The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, wondering how it got to be February so soon....

Maya Harris aided effort to boost husband’s attorney general bid

Maya Harris has worked in Democratic politics for years, including serving as chair of her sister’s presidential campaign, which collapsed in December amid infighting...

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