Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Apple failed to stop Swatch from using Steve Jobs’ phrase “One more thing”

According to Bloomberg, the watch company may have acted in bad faith, but there is no reason to believe that the phrase is unique...

Neera Tanden’s OMB nomination failed. Her fallback plan remains a mystery.

A Democrat close to the process also noted: “The irony is was put in that role because she probably couldn’t get confirmed.” Health...

Capitol Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn Tells ‘Racist, Terrorist’ Rioters: ‘Y’all Failed’

"Y'all failed." That's the message to Capitol rioters from one officer who stood up to their attack and their racist abuse as he defended...

Trump Campaign Says Wisconsin Elections Commission ‘Failed to Follow the Law’ as Recount Begins in 2 Counties

President Donald Trump's campaign said that the Wisconsin Elections Commission has "repeatedly failed to follow the law" in a statement shared with reporters on...

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