Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Eco-friendly homes for sale – in pictures

From a farm building to a modernist villa, they all have impeccable green credentials. Continue reading... Source link

Thames Water hopes to harness human ‘poo power’ to heat homes | Utilities

Thousands of homes in south-west London could soon be warmed by the waste from their local sewage works as part of England’s first poo-powered...

Art deco homes for sale – in pictures | Money

Hexham, NorthumberlandDame Judi Dench plays an eccentric medium in the film Blithe Spirit, which is released this month, but it is the set that...

Green homes: how to shut out the winter cold and save cash | Home improvements

With storms and snow sweeping much of the country this week, many people’s thoughts will have turned to how to make their home warmer...

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