Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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FBI: Overwhelmed police released violent riot suspect on Jan. 6. Then he rejoined the mob.

"While the officers are standing with Ponder waiting for transport, Ponder verbally engages with other nearby rioters saying 'I will say this. When our...

Ron Johnson says he didn’t feel threatened Jan. 6. If BLM or Antifa stormed Capitol, he ‘might have.’

In the past, Republicans have sought to equate the largely white crowd of insurrectionists with multiracial crowds protesting police brutality against Black Americans over...

D.C. National Guard chief: Pentagon dragged its feet on Jan. 6 backup

But Walker says he didn’t get a response until after 5 p.m. — well after rioters had overtaken the Capitol, sending lawmakers fleeing for...

House Republican pleads for Pence, Trump aides to speak out on Jan. 6 insurrection

In Herrera Beutler's telling, McCarthy urged Trump to call off the mob, to which Trump initially responded that he couldn't because it was made...

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