Monday, May 10, 2021
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EU’s UK ambassador denies ‘vaccine nationalism’ amid export row – POLITICO

The EU's ambassador to the U.K. denied the bloc is involved in "vaccine nationalism" but demanded more transparency from Britain as tensions simmer over...

UK’s new Brexit man makes his mark with Northern Ireland row – POLITICO

LONDON — Boris Johnson's combative new Brexit minister is already ruffling feathers in Brussels. David Frost managed to annoy both the Irish and the European...

EU offers UK ‘reassurances’ over vaccine supply after Irish border row – POLITICO

LONDON — The EU has moved to assure Britain that vaccine exports into the country won’t be stopped by the bloc’s new trade restrictions,...

Why the EU and AstraZeneca are stuck in a Covid vaccines row | AstraZeneca

  The chief executive of AstraZeneca has dismissed suggestions that the UK is being unfairly prioritised for Covid-19 vaccine doses, in a wide-ranging interview revealing...

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