Sunday, May 16, 2021
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US politics

Biden praises infrastructure plan as a 'once-in-a-generation investment' in America – as it happened

Biden plan will propose rolling back Trump tax cutsBiden promises ‘historic’ $2tn spendingWe sampled US tap water and found toxic chemicalsThird day of Chauvin...

Facebook, Google and Twitter CEOs face disinformation grilling in Congress – live | Technology

The testimony will come after signs that the new administration of Joe Biden is preparing to take a tougher line on the...

$1,400 stimulus checks and vaccine funds: what the Covid relief bill contains | US news

The US House on Wednesday passed the huge $1.9tn coronavirus relief and economic stimulus package that represents Joe Biden’s first major legislative victory. The massive...

GameStop hearing live: Robinhood CEO and others in trading saga testify before Congress | Business

1.04pm EST13:04 Reddit CEO and Reddit user involved in r/WallStreetBets forum testify Reddit CEO Steve Huffman explained in his opening statements how Reddit moderation works,...

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