Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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The Guardian view on Johnson’s coalmine: political gain at planetary cost | Coal

It must have seemed a clever Johnsonian ruse. Build a deep coalmine – the first in decades – in Labour’s historical heartland and put...

The Guardian view on madhouse economics: Tories bet it makes political sense | Budget 2021

The centrepiece of the government’s economic strategy is to bring the rest of Britain level with London and south-east England in terms of wealth...

The Guardian view on Covid relief: ideologies matter in democracies | Economics

When Covid struck, it was governments that decided people could not go to work and governments that took people’s money away. It is now...

The Guardian view on valuing nature: priceless things sold cheap | Conservation

One of the most important things about this week’s landmark review into the value of nature may appear to be a footling detail: its...

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