Jan 27, 2020
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These Are the 6 Women Who Are Testifying Against Harvey Weinstein

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One actress accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her after he had pushed his way into her New York City apartment in 1993. A second woman said he forcibly performed oral sex on her inside of his TriBeCa apartment in 2006. Seven years later, in a hotel in Midtown Manhattan, the Hollywood producer allegedly raped a third woman.

A fourth woman said he slipped his hand into her vagina during a business meeting. A fifth said he groped her in a hotel, masturbated and ejaculated onto a bathroom floor. Then, a sixth woman said Mr. Weinstein raped her in his apartment when they met to discuss an acting role.

All six women are expected to testify against Mr. Weinstein at his trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan — the most anticipated case in recent history.

More than 90 women have accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual misconduct including rape, unwanted touching and harassment. Allegations against the producer prompted the #MeToo movement, and his trial has focused attention on the complicated issues of consent and power dynamics in the workplace.

Mr. Weinstein used “his power and prestige in the entertainment industry to ensure their silence,” Meghan Hast, a prosecutor, said in opening remarks last week.

The criminal indictment charges Mr. Weinstein with sexually assaulting two of the women, but the remaining four will testify about their encounters with him to show a pattern of abuse. Mr. Weinstein is accused of five felony counts, including rape and predatory sexual assault. He faces life in prison if the jury of seven men and five women convict him of the last charge.

The prosecution’s case turns on whether jurors believe the women’s testimony. Prosecutors have no physical evidence to support their accounts.

Mr. Weinstein has maintained that the encounters were consensual. The women, he said, engaged in transactional relationships meant to advance their own careers.

His lawyers have also pointed to hundreds of emails in which the communication between Mr. Weinstein and some of the women appear friendly long after the alleged sexual assaults.

“He was not this master manipulator,” said Damon Cheronis, one of Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers, adding that the prosecution’s case is “a preview to a movie you are not going to see.”

Mr. Cheronis suggested in his opening remarks that the other women had only come forward with allegations against the producer recently and that their stories had changed over time.

Here’s what we know about all six women and their allegations against the producer.

Last week, one of the women, the actress Annabella Sciorra, 59, best known for her roles in “The Sopranos” and “Jungle Fever,” recounted the night she said Mr. Weinstein raped her.

Ms. Sciorra’s allegation is too old to be prosecuted separately as rape under New York law.

But it was added to the criminal case to support the predatory sexual assault charge in which prosecutors have to prove that Mr. Weinstein sexually assaulted at least two women. Prosecutors hope her account can further support that charge.

Ms. Sciorra met Mr. Weinstein at a party in Los Angeles in the early 1990s when she was an up-and-coming actress and he was a young producer. Over the years, Mr. Weinstein had sent her inappropriate gifts: Valium and popcorn, and a box of chocolate penises, she said.

Then after a dinner party in the winter of either 1993 or 1994, Mr. Weinstein gave Ms. Sciorra a ride home. Minutes after dropping her off, she said Mr. Weinstein returned to her Gramercy Park apartment, barged in after she opened the door and raped her, Ms. Sciorra told a jury on Thursday.

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“I was trying to get him off me,” Ms. Sciorra said as she choked back tears. “I was punching him, kicking him. He got on top of me and he raped me.”

In the years after the assault, Ms. Sciorra said, Mr. Weinstein continued to harass her. On one occasion, she recalled, he showed up unannounced at her hotel room in London. She changed rooms in the middle of the night.

In 1997, Ms. Sciorra told the jury, she went to the Cannes Film Festival to promote her movie “Cop Land.” One morning, at 5 a.m., she said, she opened the door of her hotel room to find Mr. Weinstein standing in the hallway in his underwear. He had a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a videotape in the other.

Ms. Sciorra said she “pressed all of the call buttons” on the telephone in the room and Mr. Weinstein left.

On Friday, Ms. Sciorra’s friend, the actress Rosie Perez, testified about what Ms. Sciorra had told her regarding the alleged rape sometime after the encounter and a few months later, said that her attacker was Mr. Weinstein.

Mimi Haleyi was a young production assistant, born in England and raised in Sweden, trying to make it in the industry, prosecutors said.

Ms. Haleyi met Mr. Weinstein in the winter of 2004 at a film premiere in London. At the time, she was working for Michael White, a producer.

Two years later, Mr. White had become sick and Ms. Haleyi needed work, prosecutors said. At the Cannes Film Festival in March 2006, Ms. Haleyi saw Mr. Weinstein and asked if he might have any work for her in New York City.

They met at a hotel where he suggested that she could provide assistance on the set of Project Runway. Soon, Mr. Weinstein asked her for a massage, the prosecutor said. Ms. Haleyi refused and left the meeting.

Still, Ms. Haleyi took a job on the set of Project Runway. Eventually, Mr. Weinstein invited Ms. Haleyi to meet him at the Mercer Hotel for a drink. During the meeting, Mr. Weinstein said Ms. Haleyi could return for the next season of the show.

Mr. Weinstein had also invited her to take a private jet with him to Paris for a fashion show, which she declined, prosecutors said. But she later accepted a trip to Los Angeles paid by his company.

Before the trip to Los Angeles, Mr. Weinstein, prosecutors said, invited Ms. Haleyi to his home. During that meeting, she told prosecutors that the producer, despite her protests, yanked a tampon from her vagina and forcibly performed oral sex on her.

She later told a roommate what happened and they told her to tell the police, but she did not.

She continued to share project ideas with him and accept tickets to premieres.

Mr. Weinstein is charged with one count of criminal sexual act and predatory sexual assault involving Ms. Haleyi.

Ms. Haleyi, 42, now a producer, is best known for her work in “Shoot Me! 2,” and “The Last Impresario.”

Seven years after prosecutors say Mr. Weinstein sexually assaulted Ms. Haleyi, they say he raped Jessica Mann in the spring of 2013.

Ms. Mann, then 27, was an aspiring actress, raised in the evangelical church and from a dairy farm in Washington State, when she met Mr. Weinstein.

Prosecutors said Ms. Mann had fled an abusive home at 16. At 25, she moved to Los Angeles, hoping to make it in the entertainment industry. Living with another aspiring actress, Ms. Mann managed to get small roles in commercials and independent films.

She met Mr. Weinstein at a party in Los Angeles. Not long after, prosecutors said she met with the movie mogul’s assistant, Barbara Schneeweiss, to discuss acting.

At some point, Mr. Weinstein and Ms. Mann met at a hotel where, during a conversation about business, he said he wanted to give her a massage. Ms. Mann ended up giving him a massage instead.

Prosecutors said Mr. Weinstein invited Ms. Mann to parties held by the Weinstein Company, his production studio, and he followed up with her about acting. Ms. Mann, prosecutors said, believed that Mr. Weinstein was still interested in her career.

Mr. Weinstein met with Ms. Mann and her friend at a hotel. He told the women he had lead parts for them in a movie.

Prosecutors said Mr. Weinstein separated the women, taking Ms. Mann into a bedroom where he performed oral sex on her, even as she protested. When he was finished, prosecutors said he reminded her of the power he wielded in the industry.

Ms. Mann, prosecutors said, maintained a relationship with Mr. Weinstein to save her career.

Then on March 18, 2013, prosecutors said Ms. Mann who was in New York City, contacted Mr. Weinstein to set up a breakfast meeting at the Doubletree Hotel in Midtown.

Mr. Weinstein, prosecutors said, arrived at the hotel early, and once in her room, injected his genitals with an erection medication and raped her.

She continued a relationship with him for years, prosecutors said.

Mr. Weinstein is charged with first and third degree rape, and predatory sexual assault involving Ms. Mann’s allegations.

Dawn Dunning, then 24, was a waitress and an aspiring actress from Ohio when she met Mr. Weinstein in 2004 at PM Lounge, a now defunct club in New York City’s meatpacking district.

Mr. Weinstein took interest in her as an actress, prosecutors said, and the two met several times to discuss her career. She had attended a taping at the Miramax office, a studio, and had accepted tickets to a Broadway show from Mr. Weinstein, who she believed had become a mentor, prosecutors said.

One day, Mr. Weinstein invited Ms. Dunning to a hotel in TriBeCa, where he had an office set up for a shoot he was doing in the area. When she arrived, there was camera equipment and people working, prosecutors said.

Mr. Weinstein led Ms. Dunning into a bedroom, where they discussed acting. Prosecutors said Mr. Weinstein then slid his hand under her skirt and inserted his fingers into her vagina. When she jumped up, prosecutors said, Mr. Weinstein apologized for what had happened.

Soon after, Mr. Weinstein invited Ms. Dunning to a hotel in Midtown, where he wanted her to sign contracts for parts in movies he was producing, prosecutors said. Ms. Dunning arrived to the hotel with one of Mr. Weinstein’s assistants when she opened the door and found the producer in a bathrobe.

“‘You can have all three of these parts if you have a threesome with me and my assistant,’” prosecutors said Mr. Weinstein told Ms. Dunning. “‘This is how the industry works. How do you think other actresses got ahead?’”

Ms. Dunning, now a costume designer, fled the hotel and never spoke to Mr. Weinstein again. Her account will show Mr. Weinstein’s history of abuse, prosecutors said.

In February 2012, Lauren Young, then 22, was a model in New York City eager to break into the acting industry when she moved to Los Angeles and met Mr. Weinstein at a dinner.

Ms. Young was writing a script — a dark comedy based on her life — when a woman reached out to her and said Mr. Weinstein was interested in reviewing it, prosecutors said. She agreed to meet him and the woman at a bar in the Montage, a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Mr. Weinstein, prosecutors said, claimed he had to prepare a speech that he had to give for Quentin Tarantino at an event that night and asked the women to come up to his apartment to finish the conversation.

As they talked, Ms. Young ended up in a bathroom with Mr. Weinstein, who had pulled down her dress, groped her breasts, masturbated and ejaculated onto the floor, prosecutors said.

After the encounter, Ms. Young never spoke to Mr. Weinstein again, prosecutors said.

In 2005, Tarale Wulff, an aspiring actress from Long Island, was a cocktail waitress at a members’ only club above Cipriani’s, a restaurant on Broadway in SoHo.

Mr. Weinstein, the restaurant owner’s friend, always sat at the owner’s table where staff were expected to treat him well.

One night in the spring or summer of that year, Mr. Weinstein pulled her into a secluded stairwell in the lounge and masturbated before she ran away from him, prosecutors said.

Still, Ms. Wulff agreed to meet with him at his company’s office to discuss a potential role in “Pulse,” a movie that was being produced by Mr. Weinstein’s brother, Robert Weinstein, in Los Angeles.

But Mr. Weinstein had her taken from the company office to his apartment, where Ms. Wulff said he raped her.

“Tarale protested ‘No, please, I can’t,’” Ms. Hast, the prosecutor, said in court last week. “He told her not to worry, that he could not have kids.”

Ms. Wulff, a model, now 43, never spoke to Mr. Weinstein again.

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