Jan 26, 2020
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What to Cook This Weekend

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Good morning. I’ll be out in strange, corporate, post-industrial riverside New Jersey this weekend, the south part of Edison where the roads end in wetlands and garbage, where Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning” is the secret song in your head. The annual Fly Fishing Show is at the Convention and Expo Center there, and it’s a measure of how stir-crazy people like me get this time of the year that the joint will be packed. It’s nerd prom, basically. Everyone’s going, shaking their heads. What is wrong with us? It’ll be so great.

On the way back, I’ll stop on Staten Island for supplies: for the awesome grilled olives they sell at Pastosa, and maybe some stuffed shells to boot. I like those smoky little nuggets for a New York take on the classic muffuletta sandwich. Swap them in for the Kalamatas our recipe calls for. Maybe add a couple of chopped anchovies to boot. The muffuletta is canon, but not. You can make that sandwich your own.

And for the stuffed shells? (You can make your own! Just parboil some jumbo pasta shells and shock them cold when they’re a little shy of being done, then follow this recipe for a cheese stuffing.) I like to surround them with Marcella Hazan’s classic Bolognese, then bake them until everything’s copacetic, which will be after about an hour, under foil in a 350-degree oven. Shower with grated Parm!

Chinese New Year celebrations get underway on Saturday. We’ve got loads of recipes to help keep the feast. Longevity noodles for all!

On Sunday I’d like to cook a little in advance of the coming week, some meals for the refrigerator, some roasts for sandwiches and stir fries. Like, for instance, this baked potato soup! Also, this Rhode Island clam chowder.

I might make Melissa Clark’s recipe for the perfect roast beef for sandwiches. Or this lamb with red wine and prunes. I dig the roast porkin this recipe; I use it in place of the sausage in this great Susan Spungen recipe for spicy oven-fried rice. That’s a righteous meal.

And then there’s dessert, weekend’s favorite friend. Wouldn’t this bittersweet chocolate mousse with fleur de sel (above) be rad after dinner on Saturday night? Or you could raid the freezer for some frozen wild blueberries, and embrace the imperfection of blueberry pie. Tangerine sherbet? I’d be happy running out the weekend with a big slice of 7Up cake. Better yet, how about a spoonful of Dorie Greenspan’s Eton mess? (That’s best served with the Jam.)

Thousands and thousands and thousands more recipes await your instructions on NYT Cooking. Yes, you need a subscription to access them. Your subscription supports our work. It makes it possible. I thank you for it. (And then, cheekily, I double down. Would you consider giving someone a gift subscription?)

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