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Critical illnesses not only take a toll on your health, but can also affect you financially. They not only put your earning capacity to a threat, but also be quite expensive to treat, leaving you in a debt. There is only a certain limit to how much they can be cautiously prevented through our lifestyle and regular check-ups. You cannot be completely immune to all sorts of diseases.

One of the most feared critical illness is cancer. Modern lifestyle, eating habits, excessive use of preservatives, high air pollution levels, etc. are all collectively leading us to this dreaded disease.

It is important to remember why critical illness plans exists under your insurance policy. While you might think that you don’t need cancer insurance as you already have an existing health insurance plan, you are highly mistaken. A comprehensive insurance health plan is likely not to cover the high cost of expenses involved to treat illnesses such as cancer.

A cancer insurance is a special type of insurance plan which is designed to protect the insured with financial aid if he/she is diagnosed with cancer. They usually come with lower premiums and save you from heavy financial burdens that the diseases cost you. Cancer treatments are expensive due to the several treatments under it such as radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, blood transfusion, etc. apart from the regular hospitalization and cost of medicines. Cancer insurances usually cover several types of cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, bone cancer and cervical cancer.

Cancer may sometimes come as a shock without any hints and thus opting for a cancer cover might be a safe bet, especially if you have had history of cancer in your family. It is advisable to take this cover under your cancer Mediclaim policy in this situation. Here are a few things to consider when you buy a cancer plan for yourself:

  • Remember that pre-existing diseases will not be covered under this plan
  • There will be an increase in cover, if a claim is not made. This is also called as no claim bonus
  • You are entitled to both pay-out on minor and major stages of cancer
  • Look out for discounts (family/spouse discount, online discount, existing customer discount)

Health Insurance Plan for Cancer
Here is how having a cancer insurance can benefit you:

  • Coverage for all stages of cancer
  • In case the insured is diagnosed with cancer, a lump-sum benefit is paid to them immediately once claim is being made
  • A premium waiver benefit is provided even during the early stages of the diagnoses
  • You can enjoy almost a 10% increase in the sum assured, if you do not claim the insurance during the year
  • The family is provided a fixed monthly income for a certain period of time, if the insured is diagnosed with cancer
  • The coverage of the policy continues even after the first diagnosis of the diseases

Cancer can really take a toll on your life, as well as your families, mentally and financially. In order to avoid this, a cancer insurance has been designed to safeguard the insured and the family. There are several insurance companies that provide the best cancer insurance policy in India for you to take.

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