Tucson monsoon ends up drier, hotter than most

The report card for Tucson’s 2023 monsoon season: Drier and hotter than normal. Tucson had officially received 4.73 inches of rain by late last week. That’s nearly an inch less than usual during the monsoon period here, which runs from June 15 to September 30. The airport, where official weather records are kept, normally gets … Read more

Five ways that Saudi-Israeli normalisation is already here

While the timing of a potential deal normalising relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel remains unknown, talk of such a move is rapidly gaining momentum. Asked last week how close a deal was, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said: “Every day we get closer.” But Saudi Arabia has long maintained that it wouldn’t normalise ties with Israel until Palestinians got their own state – a … Read more

Sycamore Gap tree: Retired lumberjack arrested over after tree cut down insists he ‘didn’t do it’ – latest updates

Hairy Bikers say Sycamore Gap tree culprit ‘murdered spirit of Northumberland’ Get the free Morning Headlines email for news from our reporters across the world Sign up to our free Morning Headlines email A retired lumberjack said to have been arrested over the felling of the world-famous Sycamore Gap tree has insisted: “I didn’t do … Read more

Kyiv May Be Accidentally Helping Russian Agents Penetrate Ukraine

KYIV—The whole world has seen the impact of Russia’s brutal military onslaught against Ukraine via missiles, drones and artillery shells but another, insidious attack has gone largely unnoticed outside the country: a sprawling network of Russian agents is suspected to be embedded in all aspects of Ukrainian life from parliament to the television networks. The … Read more

Things to know about the Nobel Prizes

This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s credibility: fact-checked reputable news agency proofread Ok! A bust of Alfred Nobel on display following a press conference to announce the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, … Read more

Australia Voice referendum: Cherbourg, a community built on racial segregation, looks to the future

Cherbourg, Australia CNN  —  Built on the land of the Wakka Wakka people, Cherbourg’s modern motto of “many tribes, one community” reflects the varied origins of its 1,700 residents, descendants of people once forced to live there under laws of segregation. Between 1905 and 1971, more than 2,600 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were forcibly … Read more

The community of traveling families using the globe as their classroom is growing. Welcome to the “world school” revolution

Amanda Dixon was teaching second grade at Kings Center Charter School in Buffalo, New York, while her husband Solomon, 38, was running writing workshops at middle schools around New York state.  The couple was working long hours to support their three young children, then 4, 2, and 1, when Amanda, 43, thought to herself, “I’m … Read more