How to optimally prolong your dog’s life

Rodney Habib, a notable figure in the animal health advocacy and filmmaking community, faced the consecutive losses of his cherished canines, Mi and Reggie. In an unexpected twist of fate, Reggie, who was ostensibly the more robust pet, passed away abruptly. This was followed by the demise of Sammy, the German Shepherd with preexisting health … Read more

West Virginia boy, 16, has both hands and feet AMPUTATED after a tickly throat led to sepsis and ‘mummified’ his limbs

By Emily Joshu Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com 12:28 02 Mar 2024, updated 13:59 02 Mar 2024 Mason Jones went into sepsis 24 hours after being diagnosed with strep throat Doctors gave him a one percent chance of survival, with him ‘beating the odds’ READ MORE: Teacher has feet and hands amputated, SORE THROAT led to sepsis … Read more

Cannabis and Heart Health: A Troubling Connection Uncovered

Cannabis use is associated with higher risks of heart attack and stroke, a study of 430,000 adults indicates, stressing the need for awareness of its cardiovascular effects. Credit: More frequent use of cannabis was associated with higher odds of adverse cardiovascular outcomes, finds a new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association. … Read more

How Many Carbs Do You Need in a Day?

Ahh, carbohydrates. Out of all the macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat), they seem to be one of the most heavily debated. Although they often get mislabeled as “bad” for us, carbs are an essential part of a balanced eating pattern. If you’re wondering how many you should be eating day to day, this article is … Read more

‘Killer’ antibiotic that’s STILL being prescribed to 15m Americans a year: Widow of singer Bobby Caldwell reveals how pills he was prescribed for a COLD left him paralyzed and with ‘unbearable’ nerve damage

By Caitlin Tilley, Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com 18:12 02 Mar 2024, updated 20:21 02 Mar 2024 ‘It was so ferocious and sudden. It devastated my husband,’ said Mary Caldwell HAVE YOU BEEN FLOXED? Contact READ MORE: Bobby Caldwell passes away at 71 after being ‘floxed’ Legendary singer Bobby Caldwell’s widow has revealed his final years … Read more

This drug could be a game-changer for the human race

There are thousands of viruses in our world. But only about 220 are known to infect humans. Most people don’t understand how viruses work. They are not living things. They are very tiny packages of organic chemistry that get into an animal cell and take over it’s replication machinery simply to make more copies of … Read more

Why this won’t be the Budget that Jeremy Hunt wanted

By Faisal Islam Economics editor Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Not where they want to be? Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt 1 March 2024 Next week was supposed to be a major moment in the Conservatives’ election campaign. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt would have stood up in the Commons and delivered the … Read more

‘The worst situation I’ve ever seen’: Aid workers reveal conditions of those living in Gaza

For the last 25 years, pediatrician Dr. John Kahler has participated in humanitarian aid missions around the world from Syria to Haiti to Tanzania. Despite providing medical services for years, Kahler said treating people in Gaza amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war is incomparable to the work he’s done in other areas. “This is just by … Read more