How to eat to beat the menopause (and shed those midlife pounds): These are the surprising reasons chocolate will stop your snacking, fibre is like natural Ozempic and cottage cheese will keep you calm

Should menopausal women be eating like weightlifters? That’s certainly what a new analysis suggests. Scientists from Semmelweis University in Budapest looked at 134 studies and found that certain eating habits, including high consumption of protein, could alleviate some of the most common symptoms of midlife hormonal fluctuation — with weight gain, a chief concern for … Read more

Adrenal Fatigue: Here’s What to Know

Adrenal fatigue is a term you might hear tossed around when talking about the wear-and-tear of daily stress. In simple terms, it’s what some folks believe happens when your adrenal glands, those tiny hat-like organs sitting on top of your kidneys, get overworked from the relentless pressure and stress of our go-go-go lifestyle. As the … Read more

The astonishing effect of stem cell implants – as groundbreaking treatment ‘transforms’ life for those with brain damage and MS

Michael Adams was 16 when, after being thrown from his car in a devastating accident, he fractured his skull in three places.  The film producer from New York fell into a coma for two weeks, and woke up a shadow of his former bright, fun-loving self. For the following decade, he had trouble speaking, making … Read more

Hollywood has ‘Ozempic face’: Why you can look 10 years older after going all in on the slimming drug | Health

Catherine Deneuve warned us when she herself was approaching 60: “At a certain age, you have to choose between your face or your ass.” A half century later, judging from the latest red carpets, it’s easy to tell that Hollywood has opted for the latter. At the Oscar gala earlier this month, host Jimmy Kimmel … Read more

How Sex and Gender Shape Our Cognition

Summary: Researchers released a new study examining how sex and gender influence cognitive abilities. The study analyzed eight cognitive tasks and found that while spatial cognition correlates more with biological factors such as sex at birth and hormones, verbal cognition is more influenced by sociocultural factors like gender identity. This research underscores the complexity of … Read more

How the army uses psychological tricks to turn young soldiers into ruthless killers, according to specialist in veteran mental health

By Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com 19:26 14 Apr 2024, updated 19:30 14 Apr 2024 Basic military training hammers home the edict of kill or be killed  Docs say anyone who is made to undergo this training can be made into a killer READ MORE:  Vets suffering from PTSD flashbacks may share 8 … Read more

Single-dose stool transplant could improve symptoms

Share on PinterestA small new trial suggests that stool transplants could be a helpful treatment option in early-stage Parkinson’s disease. Image credit: THIERRY ZOCCOLAN/Getty Images. Parkinson’s disease is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, and while treatment options are available, they can become less effective over time. A recent paper has highlighted the … Read more